Lipo vaser® high definition

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Lipo Vaser® High Definition achieves a greater degree of body remodelling than traditional liposuction, and is used to refine and sculpt any area of body from the largest areas, such as the abdomen or legs, to the smallest such as the chin or ankle.

Lipo Vaser® High Definition is a new state-of-the-art ultrasound liposuction technology that selectively targets fat tissue. It turns fat to liquid to facilitate its removal. Due to its highly targeted action, other tissues such as blood vessels and nerves are left untouched, which reduces postoperative pain and swelling. It is an excellent alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction because it does not affect any of the surrounding tissues. It’s powerful enough to remove large areas of fat yet gentle enough to treat more delicate areas. It achieves greater body contour definition than traditional liposuction, and better skin retraction for smoother results. It enables multiple areas to be treated in one single procedure.

Medical information

Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

1. Patients who have gained weight and after starting a diet and exercise have not achieved the results they expected.

2. Ideal candidates for Lipo Vaser® High Definition are not highly overweight or obese. Better results are achieved on patients with good skin quality. Excessive smoking may affect final results.

3. Lipo Vaser® High Definition can sculpt multiple areas in one single procedure. Jowls, chin and neck, chest, arms, abs, hips and flanks, back, thighs, knees, calves and ankles.

Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

During the first consultation, we will assess which areas we want to define. A detailed medical history is taken, including personal habits.

The body areas to be treated, the skin quality and muscle tone are examined. We will discuss the degree of definition we want to achieve (soft, medium or high definition). We’ll talk you through the different surgical techniques and technology we use, and which options are best for each patient. We always like to clarify why we choose one technique over another for each individual.

For overweight patients, our Nutrition and Dietetics Unit will assess and monitor them to help them reach the weight and body fat percentage that Dr Jordi Mir requires for surgery.

Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

During the process, the area to be treated is filled with a tumescent solution and the fat cells are treated with state-of-the-art ultrasound energy (Vaser). This turns the fat to liquid so it can be suctioned out with the help of a cannula that is inserted through minor incisions in the skin, removing all unwanted fat tissue. The surrounding tissues are left untouched enabling the body to be sculpted and contoured with greater definition, less pain and a better post-operative recovery compared to traditional liposuction.

1. The fat layer is composed of fat cells, vascular tissue and connective tissues.

2. During the procedure, the fat layer is impregnated with tumescent fluid (saline solution containing anaesthetic agents). By applying high frequency ultrasonic waves, the fatty tissue breaks down and emulsifies into a liquid that is then suctioned out.

3.The liquefied fat is easily removed by a gentle suction using a cannula.
Once the surgery has been completed, you will be fitted with a binder.

General anesthesia

1 to 4 hours
Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

During the healing process, the skin retracts to leave a natural result.

You will need to wear specially designed binder for two months.

For the following ten days you will have daily lymphatic drainage massages at Clínica Jordi Mir. After seven days you will be able to resume normal activity, and after 14 days you will be able to start sporting activities.


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