Pectoral augmentation

Men’s cosmetic surgery

Pectoral augmentation is aimed at improving the size and shape of the pectoral region in men (either due to small size or because it is asymmetrical). This is usually achieved by performing a pectoral lipofilling (or fat transfer) or using pectoral implants.

Ideal patients for pectoral augmentation surgery are healthy, emotionally stable individuals who understand the results that can be achieved with surgery.

Medical information

Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

Ideal patients for pectoral augmentation surgery are healthy, emotionally stable individuals who understand the results that can be achieved with surgery.

Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

In the first consultation, we’ll assess the size and shape of the pectoral area, the firmness of the skin and your general state of health. We will also perform a chest examination and in some cases an ultrasound scan will be requested. Here we’ll discuss the shape we want to achieve. We’ll talk you through the different surgical techniques, and the best options for each patient. We always like to clarify why we choose one technique over another for each of our patients. The preferred technique and the one we use most frequently is lipofilling or fat transfer: This is often performed together with the LipoVaser technique for other areas of the chest and abdomen, to give uniformity, naturalness and enhance the result.

Pre-operative examinations are required for these procedures.

When lipofilling is not possible, in the rare case that there is not enough fat, we opt for implants.

What type of implants are used?

We recommend high cohesive silicone gel implants. Dr Jordi Mir only uses top quality pectoral implants. These implants are guaranteed for life in case of rupture, and sometimes in case of capsular contracture. Our philosophy is “we achieve beauty through naturalness”.

Why these implants?

We believe in (and are committed to) quality. Not all cosmetic surgery products are the same. We are committed to cosmetic products backed by science and with proven efficacy. We will not consider anything other than the best product for our body.

The history, quality and reputation of the pectoral implant manufacturer are very important, in terms of the experience in manufacturing pectoral implants and the guarantee they offer.

Worldwide trust in the product goes hand in hand with knowledge and experience in its use.

Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

This operation will be performed in the clinic’s operating theatre where the entire team of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers will ensure that you receive excellent care before, during and after the procedure.
This surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The operation lasts for two hours: a small incision is made in the areola and in the back axillary fold. At the end of the procedure, an abdominal binder is fitted.
General anaesthesia

Surgery duration: 2h
Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

Admission to hospital is on an outpatient basis, however if LipoVaser is also carried out, patients stay in for one or two days. Relative rest is required for the first four to seven days, after which normal activity can be resumed. Sporting activity can be resumed two weeks post-surgery.

To ensure your well-being, during the first week we will recommend you take antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. After seven days the stitch is removed from each breast area.

Following this, it is important to take good care of the scars using pressotherapy and keeping the area well hydrated (this will be explained and attached).


Recovery: 5– 7 days
Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

Pectoral augmentation is a very safe procedure, provided it is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Short-term complications are very rare and tend to be those typical of any surgery, such as bruising, infection, or changes in the sensitivity of the operated area.
In the long term, the most common complication is capsular contracture, which occurs when the internal scar that forms around the implant contracts excessively, causing the breast to stiffen. This currently occurs in about 1% of patients.

This may require reshaping of the internal scar and/or implant replacement.

Breakage of a high-cohesive silicone gel implant is very rare. Should this occur, it will need to be replaced with a new implant.

As plastic surgeons, we pay great attention to all the factors that influence these potential complications and do everything in our power to prevent them. However, despite our best efforts, there is always the possibility that any of these could occur. Here is it important that patient and surgeon form a team and work together to obtain the best possible result under the circumstances.

Tratamientos clínica estética Jordi Mir

With the correct analysis of each patient, their wishes, the use of the best lipofilling technology (or implants if necessary) and expert surgical technique, results are very predictable, and patient’s expectations can easily be met with excellent results for each patient’s individual aesthetic goals, both in terms of volume and definition.


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